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Large shower tray, custom-made, extra flat, in resin

Large > shower > tray, > custom-made, > extra > flat, > in > resin


14 products

Shower tray, 120 cm, Acrystone resin - VULCANO Colors

shower tray, 120 cm, acrystone...

starting from 304€

Shower tray, custom and atypical manufacturing - ARCHITECT

shower tray, custom and atypical...

starting from 450€

Large shower tray in mineral resin - VERONE 120

large shower tray in mineral resin...

starting from 489€

Shower tray, smooth finish - LEEDS 100

shower tray, smooth finish - leeds...

starting from 510€

Shower tray, extra flat, smooth finish - VERONA SOFT

shower tray, extra flat, smooth...

starting from 581€

Shower tray, with side drain, on the long side - LEEDS FRONTAL

shower tray, with side drain, on...

starting from 693€

Shower tray, side channel, length - LONDON SIDE 110

shower tray, side channel, length...

starting from 726€

Shower tray, left corner drain 15x15 - MARIGNAN LEFT

shower tray, left corner drain...

starting from 792€

Shower tray, right angle drain 15x15 - MARIGNAN RIGHT

shower tray, right angle drain...

starting from 792€

Shower tray, transverse drain - VULCANO FRONTAL

shower tray, transverse drain -...

starting from 918€

Shower trays, central drain - MALVA central

shower trays, central drain -...

starting from 933€

Shower tray, with central drain - CENTRAL XL 110

shower tray, with central drain -...

starting from 1089€

Shower tray, with double drain - ARCHITEK DOUBLE DRAIN

shower tray, with double drain -...

starting from 1092€

Shower tray, with border - LIMIT XL

Shower tray, with border - limit xl

starting from 1733€