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Angle drain - Shower tray, angle drain

Angle > drain > - > Shower > tray, > angle > drain

8 products


8 products

Round shower trays, mineral resin - CURVO

round shower trays, mineral resin...

starting from 453€

Shower tray with outlet in left angle - CORNER left

shower tray with outlet in left...

starting from 471€

Shower tray with right-angled drain - CORNER Right

shower tray with right-angled...

starting from 471€

Shower tray, left corner drain - CORNER DESIGN LEFT

shower tray, left corner drain -...

starting from 474€

Shower tray, right angle drain - CORNER DESIGN RIGHT

shower tray, right angle drain -...

starting from 474€

Square shower trays, with edging, drainage in angle, in mineral resin - MARC II

square shower trays, with edging,...

starting from 551€

Round shower trays, with edge, in mineral resin - CURVO BORDER

round shower trays, with edge, in...

starting from 551€

Shower tray with round quarter curve - CORVOREC

shower tray with round quarter...

starting from 713€